Online Captcha Entry Works from India

Captcha entry is one of the most popular online earning sources over the internet. It is a easy work flow for the users. Anyone can works who just know the typing and basic internet operation.


There are a lot of Indian website where you can find the captcha entry works offers. This is a one kind of data entry works like online form fill-up. Normally the employer pays $0.75 to $1.50 per thousand captcha entries. It can be vary about captcha type and volume. They generally pays per 5000 entries completed and paid via paypal.

So, you can try to get the captcha entry works over internet and could make extra money from your home. You can check , , and other freelancing website for this type of works too.

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  1. sunil kumar

    sir can you tell me something about online data entry jobs or how to register and how to use?

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